Tired of Homework?

Sanjar A.

Sick of doing schoolwork at home? Homework has been an issue for many kids and it isn’t a foolproof way of improving a student’s academic scores. Homework causes health issues. These health issues that have been killing people can be eliminated by getting rid of homework. Therefore, there should be no more homework in school.

First, according to the Center of Disease Control a review of 850 studies on students show that physical activity and exercise increases brain performance and has a positive impact on a child’s grade point averages as well as standardized test scores. If homework is given to make kids get higher grades, it isn’t helping because homework is time consuming and is one of the big reasons that kids aren’t getting enough daily exercise. This lack of physical activity is causing obesity which is a big issue in the United States and is killing many people every year. Also, kids stay up late doing homework which causes sleep loss. Sleep loss causes children to grow at a slower rate, raises blood pressure, can raise heart rate and can abate the strength of a person’s immune system.

In addition, homework rarely helps kids academically. According to Alfie Kohn an education expert, (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alfie-kohn/homework-research_b_2184918.htm...) no study has ever shown that there is any academic benefit of homework for elementary or middle school students. The positive association between high school students and homework is faint. Therefore, homework isn’t as helpful as most educators say it is. Also, homework ca cause lower test scores because it is so time consuming that the student may not have time to study.

However, homework can benefit children in other ways. According to John Bishop, a middle school teacher, homework can teach kids time management skills. Also, homework teaches students about responsibility. Furthermore, homework teaches students discipline. Although this may be true, most things that kids learn from homework such as time management skills and being responsible should be taught to them by their parent or guardian.

In conclusion, there should be no more homework in school. Homework can cause health issues such as obesity and sleep loss. Also, there are no proven benefits of assigning homework to students that don’t attend high school on their school work. Even the amount of positive affects of assigning homework to high school students is low. If homework rarely helps students and causes health problems, it isn’t worth it. There should no longer be homework in school.