It Needs A Change

Maya V.

Text Box: Aisha M. wearing M.S 217 uniform        











       “My days at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School are terrible because of school uniform,” says Jonathan V. a seventh grader at the school Robert A. Van Wyck. The uniform is a navy blue or gray polo t-shirt and khaki or navy blue dress slacks/skirt. However, this dress code is unstylish and prohibits self-expression of the students. Therefore, the school uniform at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School needs to change.

The Problem

     First, school uniform at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle school should change because children at M.S 217 feel that it limits their freedom of expression. For example, Amy L, a sixth grader at M.S 217 says “There is no way to express our personal feelings and our personality. With school uniform we are limited to accessories.” Also, in a survey taken of a 6th grade students at M.S 217, 8 out of 10 students agree with Amy and say that school uniform limits their self-expression. Furthermore, Ruben F who is also a sixth grade student feels school uniform is outrageous and needs a change.

     Also, school uniform today is hard to find and costly. Rajin P and Amy L, two sixth graders said that they had to go to three stores to find the proper school uniform. Neil V a father said “I waste expensive gas money driving around trying to find school uniform. It also cost an arm leg and cow!” In New York each parent spends about $249 on school uniform a year and in the year 2000 the entire state spent about 1.1 billion dollar a year (http://www.statisticbrain.com/school-uniform-statistics/). Therefore, school uniform at M.S 217 needs a change.

The Positive Effects

      Students may not like school uniform but it does have positive effects. For example, at Stephan Dectur Middle school the principle Mr. Saunders has seen students in a schools uniform are less violent. Ms. Guadalupe, an ELA teacher at M.S 217 has also experienced a similar change. Also, Ausia S. a sixth grade student at M.S 217 says “It makes me feel part of the school and comfortable.”


The Change

      School uniform can change in many ways. Parents and students have great ideas. For example, Ibrahim R. says “I would say the top and jeans or the bottom and your own top.” Ausia S. suggested a dress down Friday. Ruben F. suggests keeping the bottom but not the polo shirt. Neil V. suggests keep the dress slacks but allow students to wear and color polo shirts.


In Conclusion

     In conclusion, school uniform at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School needs a change. It may help with behavior issues such. However, even though uniform changes, it is still a school uniform. There are many options for it changing as well. For example, uniform can change to colored polo shirts instead of just gray or navy blue. Therefore the dull school uniform at Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School 217 needs to change into something everyone enjoys wearing.