What To Wear

Ibrahim R.

Do you want a school with better grades, attendance, and more? School uniform is the answer to getting these results.  Studies have shown the schools with uniform policy have a better grades and attendance. Not only that, but the schools also have better behavioral affects after adding a uniform policy. Schools should add a uniform policy to have better results.

 First, schools uniforms increase grades and attendance. The students are more focused on what they are learning. According to kids.lovetoknow.com, middle/high school girls had a seven percent increase in attendance after adding uniform at a LUSD (Large Urban School District) in Texas. Next, from http://school.familyeducation.com, Dr. Alan Hilfer said “A uniform helps students focus well especially in the lower grades.”  Then, from kids.lovetoknow.com, educators saw students in grades one through five had an increase in test scores in the years following uniform. A uniform policy would increase academic scores can while also improving attendance.

Second, schools that have a uniform policy have less behavioral problems. For example, in the “New York Times”, President Clinton showcased his support for school uniform at the Jackie Robinson Academy, where after one year of wearing school uniforms it had a 76 percent decrease in school crime. Next, from the “Los Angeles Times”, school uniform reduced gang activity in LA schools. Then, from www.nmu.edu, the Long Beach Unified School District had less behavioral problems after uniform policies were introduced. Improved behavior helps have a better education and future.

On the other hand, Students and teenagers believe that schools should not have a school uniform because they cannot express themselves with their own choosing of clothes. According to http://www.proconlists.com, it says that a school’s primary function is to educate but secondarily a platform for socialization where clothes can play an important role.  But even though wearing school uniforms do not let them express themselves, it has other positive affects. One of the positive affects is that grades and attendance can increase. Even more is that it can decrease behavioral problems. In conclusion, even though school uniform prevents expressing someone, it can have many more positive affects.

In conclusion, uniforms are significant for success in education. First, schools that have a uniform policy have better attendance and grades. Next, behavioral problems reduce at schools after adding a school uniforms. A uniform policy could bring pride and equality in a school. Schools should establish a uniform policy to ensure many bright futures.