Before Putting the Food into your Mouth

Debora X.

It looks tasty it smells great however do you know the the "food" has gone though?Thats what people have not asked them selves.Jenni frliy belives that there is more than fresh food .Processed food has to be treated well to have a good bussieness

There are many extra ingedents added in canned food."The most horrible ingredent is the sugar added to perserve the canned fruit''mentions nyc hot topics.Justin a factory worker exclaims"we have to add the sugar to preserve the fruit or else the fruit will spoil".However the sugar added in the fruit is 3x the sugar regular fruit contain in them mentions food lookers.People that consum alot of sugar tened to have diabetis in the future says a Dr.hingup.Diabetis can become to have other sericous conditions like high blood preasure, heat diease, obesity and more."people just don't seem to pay attention to their heath"Dr.hingup explains. Diabetis could be lead to high risks.This is a BIG BIG BIG situation would you take risks or consume little sugar.People are also very sensetive to come to eating food.If they consume too much of the ingredent the get the risk of being died!People that senstive diagestive system and if they had food that was no good could possbly die!There was a study made in 1993.it was based o processed food.the results came out to be that there is no difference between fresh food and canned/processed food."There was not much tecnology back then"says Anthany R.Now today there are different results.there is a 2% of a diffrenec because of the different salts sugars and addens in the product!!!!!!!

I interviewed a person that worked in a factory for food(she wants her name anonmis).she says tells me that some of the workers dont even wash their hands.How discusting is eating something that was touched with dirty hands!:( IN real stories.net there was a case of that there was a familythat lived in africa that died because the beans were not properly washed! "that is very sad making a family die becuase of unwashed beans'' says virgenia a relitive of the family that lived in africa.A store manerger say ''having customers come in and ask is this product was cleaned enough is realy embaressing. "There is a man in my church and has a senstive stomache.Just like other people in the world.HE told me that he once ate canned sauages and ended up in the hospital".I felt like I was going to die"!Look at that what a sericous conditions were in that food?You can also notice that in some of the canned food the food arleady experied.If you ate expiered canned food how would you feel?A.fine B.horrible(sick)OR C.Feel you will die?IF yo answered b or c you will have to agree with me that canned food can have a risk on your life.If you answered A well buddy you have a strong stomache.

Other people think canned food is the best food.A tax person told me that canned food is the only option she has.She has no time to cook so that is why she buys canned food.My mirend is realllllllly busy.however she does cook because she cares about his health.Canned food could be "good choice however you want to take the risk yes or no it is your desions.canned food also as its advanages.Like good protient sea salt diet sugar.Food with those things could be helpful to your body and it can also tast so scrumshes.

Tasty or nice smell will you take a risk?Ask yourselve is this food going to help my body.You should know what you are usualy used to. you want the food or not it is a risk you have