The Darkside of Facebook

Rajin P.

The Dark Side of Facebook

Facebook Has Issues

    Do you have a Facebook?  People across the world are looking for new ways of communication.  Many people talk on the phone, send text messages, send emails and letters.  But many have resorted to social networks.  Facebook has some real problems.  Many people don’t realize the dangers that Facebook contains, but they are real.
    Firstly, every social network is popular.  But Facebook is the most popular.  Facebook has over 900 million users (www.satisticbrain.com). Every day people are seeing new ads about Facebook reading something that says that they need to make a Facebook account to go to wherever they need to go.  Many people are actually making these accounts that makes them prone to the hazardous risks.  One main problem is that people don’t know some of the risks.  This predicament isn’t just local but international.  

The Good Side of Facebook

    The benefits of Facebook are real.  According to a professor at Longwood University, “Facebook is a place where people can connect with the same interests and goals.”(www.longwood.edu).  “Facebook is a place where family and friends can connect over long distances,” said Alina Palacios.  

Facebook can also help people find jobs by informing them of which places are hiring (www.facebook.com/careers).  “It is an amazing place where people can express themselves,” said Maya Venkersammy a student at M.S.217.

The Bad Side of Facebook

The dangers of Facebook are being discovered every minute.  Having a Facebook account can heighten the chances of identity theft and being exposed to a third party (www.cbsnews.com). “66% of moms reported posting pictures of their children on Facebook,” said Aisha Sultan, a specialist at the University of Michigan (www.cnn.com). “I posted a picture of my baby on Facebook and the very next day my baby was stolen. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I will never use Facebook again,” said agentxyz.  Facebook also has many holes so a private account can turn public without the owner even knowing.  These holes or glitch also allows people to hack into your account and post things that could be a potential danger to your life.  People have also been fired and not hired because of inappropriate things they put online.  It is also a place where a lot of cyber bullying takes place.  There have been reports of children committing suicide because of things they read on Facebook.  That’s just the beginning; people have actually been murdered because not everyone on Facebook is who they say they are.

Your Decision

    In conclusion, Facebook has real dangers.  Facebook may have dangers, but it can have fruitful rewards.  Its people’s decision of what they do on Facebook, but there are always risks.