Cyber Bullying

Stefanie V.

Stefanie Vasquez




Text Box: "Bullying shouldn’t be the end it should be a new beginning"  











"Cyber bullying is the worst of its kind" says Aisha Merina a sixth grader at M.s217. Cyber bullying has always been a  problem but now it has reached new heights.   It has led to more suicides in the past year and is preventing teens from getting a good education.

Health Problems:

      Cyber bullying can lead to many things such as self harming. Many teens from ages 12-17 admit to doing so. But that’s not all it can lead to it can also cause anorexia bulimia and in most cases depression. More than 52% of students are cyber bullied, as stated in statisticbrain.com. These issues have lead to more suicides increasing the number by 10% this year. In a recent yet tragic story 12 year old girl Gabrielle Molina committed suicide after being cyber bullied. She had been bullied over her looks and that had led her to self harming and eventually suicide.



Stand Byers:

       Most teens spend their day online and that’s the root of the problem. Teens see a post and decide to join in on the "fun". They send hate and when teens see something happening instead of helping they support the situation.


     Cyber bullying can affect you in many ways one of them being your self esteem. When teens don’t feel confident in themselves they don’t try their best in school and often ditch it. Education is believed to be the key to success and cyber bullying is keeping that away from them.

          In conclusion cyber bullying should stop   because it does not benefit anyone and nobody deserves to be cyber bullied. Cyber bullying has to many things and even the loss of and innocent child. Cyber bullying shouldn’t be the end.