Cyber bullying Must Stop

Amy L.
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is bullying on using technology. For, example,phones,computer,tablets,etc. Bullying happens 24/7. Examples of cyberbullying are mean posts on social networks,nasty emails,rumors or mean texts. Cyberbullying can bring lower confidence to people People mostly cyber bully because they don’t like this other person for some.     
*In the movie”CyberBullying” where the main character Taylor gets cyber bullied       and eventually tries to commit suicide.                      
Gabrielle Molina
According to http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/23/us/new-york-girl-death/index.html a 12 year old girl named Gabrielle Molina was found dead by her family in May 23,2013. She had left a suicide note that mentioned cyberbullying. Her bullies posted a video of her getting beaten up by a former friend of hers. A close friend of hers stated to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2331670/Gabrielle-Molina-Police-confirm-12-year-old-girls-suicide-note-said-cyber-bullied-sister-reveals-knew-abuse-sworn-secrecy.html “she cut herself many times.”
”A picture of Gabrielle Molina RIP”

What MS217 says about CYBERBULLYING
According to Sarah S. from 622” I think cyberbullying should cease and come to an end.”. Well, that would be awesome but unfortunately ,according to  National Crime Prevention Council says that 43% of teens are cyber bullied. According to Aeman R. from 622 ”Cyberbullying affects a lot of people and those people commit suicide from what's online.” Yes it does affect a lot of people. And one teen who is targeted for cyberbullying commits about 100 tries on suiciding.
A friend of mine named Ariana A. ” I feel that it needs to stop!”. And Chris L. from 632 stated ”IT NEEDS TO STOP”
*And Fight Back!!!
Ways to Stop Cyberbullying
Acording to, http://www.safeteens.com/tips-to-stop-cyberbullying/ some good ways to handel cyberbullying are 1)Don’t respond. Bullies want you to be sad and depressed. If you show it they’ll keep on bullying you. 2) Don’t get back at them. If you do he/she is gonna payback and then you’ll start the whole cycle again and again. 3)If it gets serious tell a trusted adult. He/She might be able to stop the bully. These are some good ways to stop a bully. Plus go to your guidance counselor for help. Or some school program like Margarets Place you can go to talk about your problems.
You're Not Alone...
Hey you're not alone. Many of us have been bullied. Some of us have actually been the bully. We learned our lesson. Not to bully cause it hurts. Hardcore. Many of us bullied didn’t make it to the spot where they were free from bullying. But its all right. It’s not the social networking sites problem. Its the people who use them for different reasons problem.