Cell phones in our NYC schools

Debora X.

When you were a kid did you ever have to call your mother and the school wouldn't let you? Kids today still have to call their mothers sometimes! But they school won’t let them!

Schools have become much more strict about the phones even when its an emergency sometimes. So that’s why it would be a great thing if schools would let us have cell phones in school.Cell phones have been an attraction like a vires cathing on to everyone. Sixth grader Amber H. says, “There could be an emergency that no one knows about and there might not be time to reach a phone!” In a lot of schools teachers take it to far!

What do they do?They take students cell phones even when they aren't using them and they are turned off and hidden so that they don't disturb anybody. Teachers shouldn't be allowed to take cell phoneswhen they aren’t even bothering anyone they are put on silent and they are hidden from other classmates! Just two years ago in October a girl took the case to the Supreme Court! She had had her cell phone taken away. It was in her backpack turned off not disturbing anyone when the teacher saw it and took it away and she never had it returned to her!“I wasn’t even using it and the teacher saw it in my backpack and confiscated it!” I tried to explain that I had to have it for later that day when my practice was over but she wouldn’t listen!” So many students bring their cell phones to school for reasons like that! Only to have there teacher confiscate it!

Imagine this….. You live in lower Manhattan and your child goes to school nearby.You are working quietly and suddenly you hear a loud bang and look out your window to see the twin towers in flames!“Students, get out your cell phones and call your parents immediately!” They could use the phones to get help and get recused.More kids could get helped and less kids ingered.That is why I think cell phones should be allowed in school says a teacher in Ola high school.

In emergencies like it is very important to have a way for a child to reach their parents!Sixth grader Mimi W. says, “We need them in school because if there was an emergency and we couldn’t use the school phones for one reason or another we could pull out our cell phones!”However many people think that cell phones are a bad influence."There is texting and talking while driving"says Lilan Martians.There have been many acetends in the past years.There are serious consquenses to talking with the phone while driving.You can get a ticket or even go to jail.

In conclusion anything can happen in our world today and having a cell phone with your child at all timescould save their life!Cell phones should be allowed in schools but they’re not! They keep a child in touch withtheir parents and are easy to keep up with! They can even save lives! Please let cell phones be allowed in school!