Aeman R.

                                                                                                         Are your grades dropping? The reason is cell phones. These days children as young as 8 and 9 years old hace cell phones in their hands and are making their way to school. Cell phones can be detrimental and students use it for many wrong purposes. Therefore, cell phones shouldn't be allowed in schools.                                                                     First, cell phones can weaken the student;s studies in school. On (www.neatoday.com)a website about how education has been affecting children, some research says that about 80% to 95% of high school students are plagiarizing through the Internet using cell phones during test. Most middle and high school students depend on their phones for studies. That's why bringing cell phones to school is the reason why many students avoid working or studying for better grades.                                     Secondly, this type of technology is causing harm to many students and affects their mind. Most experts (usnews.com) say that about 40% of high school students get bullied through phones by texting. Also, over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through cell phones at school. This causes the children's mental health to be at risk. Many students even stop coming to school because the person that is threatening them.                                                                      On the other hand, students should be allowed to bring cell phones to school. On (www.news.cnet.com)a website that tells news about schools and other things that has been happening around areas. Some research shows that about 23% of students bring cell phones to school only for safety. For example, if they want to call their parents to tell them they are coming late or there is a problem at school, then  it's okay for students to bring this peice of technology at school. Some people don't agree with this because some kids use cell phones thay are used for the wrong reasons other than safety, like cheating or bullying.                                                                                      In conclusion, students should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school. Cell have been a big distraction at schools and many students take disadvantage of them. So everyone needs to find a way to ban cell phones in all schoools !