Social Networking:The Darkside

Alina P.

                                                                                                                    Social Networking: The Dark side

   Many people around the world use social networking sites. It is one of the many past times of people every day. They say that social networks aren’t dangerous and don’t cause problems. But there is a dark side that is seen by people and changes their lives forever.

The Risks

   All social networks are popular. According to www.statiscticbrain.com, there are about 1.2 billion people worldwide who use social networking sites. First, this incrementally raises the risk of users to danger. It can increase the chance of identity theft and can cause cyber bullying, one of the most major issues facing the world today. For example, while on a social media site a boy named Ryan Halligan committed suicide on October 7th because of cyber bullying. Someone posted rumors about him and he eventually fell into the state of depression. Social media also exposes people to predators like burglars and serial killers.

   Second, social networking can also affect kids and teens mentally and physically. It can cause short-attention spans, alter children’s brains and demeanor, making them more prone to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Social media can also interfere with adolescent's studies. At www.sciencedaily.com, a new study showed freshmen women in high school have a lower grade point averages (GPAs) and poor academic performances.  

 The Bright Side

However, all bad things have a good side to it. Social networking does have some benefits. It allows people to communicate with their family and friends living in another part of the world. And it can raise awareness of an important event that is currently happening. It can also benefit business owners. By putting on what they sell online, more people would want to purchase their merchandise. Anlly P., a college student and social networking user says, “Social networking can be a useful tool when used appropriately. Social networking isn’t bad; it’s just what people put online.”   

In conclusion, social networking has its ups and downs. Needless to say, it still has many aspects to it that needs to change so that kids and teens don’t make mistakes that might affect their lives interminably. It’s time to sign off social networking sites and login into a new, more constructive environment.