More Active Zones!

Srijita H

More Active Zones!
By: Srijita H. Class: 622
What Extracurricular Activities are, and how it will help Students
An extracurricular activity is program that is effective to students. These programs will help students to discover their talent. Some extracurricular activities can be such as art, chorus, gymnastics, science lab, music, dance and many more! These activities can help the students discover what they are best at.
Benefits of having extracurricular classes
“There might be a lot of benefits having these classes. Like, one student can be more active and attentive throughout the day.” says Beatriz M from M.S 217. Benefits such as you can figure out what you can do best! If you get to do a class of chemistry, (Falling with science lab) you see you are really good at it. Later on in your life you might be a chemist when you grow up. You get to figure out your talent at an early age. So you can practice doing it, until you are perfect!
There are a lot of pro’s you can think of about having extracurricular activities. For example, Aisha M. uttered “M.S 217 do not provide art classes or lessons on their schedule for 6th graders. I really like to paint!” Furthermore, Sarah S. (M.S 217) claims that “students need to have an opportunity to discover their talents by having these talents” Why shouldn’t a person know what they want to be when they grow up. They should have programs such as science chemistry to be a chemist when they grow up. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/higher-education-network/blog/2013/jan/22/student-development-university-curriculum-design)
There can be some cons in having extracurricular activities. For example, there might students that are really excited about this specific class (instead of science, social studies, ELA or math) that he/she does not pay attention during class. Furthermore, (http://www.aitis.ait.asia/?q=node/3)Monisha A. in M.S 216, states that she doesn’t like the distractions because of the doings of her classmates do during the class about a another class.
What the Students want!
As a student, I think that in my school (M.S 217) needs to have more extracurricular activities. It is not fair, M.S 217 does not even provide these curricular activities for 6th graders at all. I always study and get frustrated with math, ELA, science and social studies. I need a break! Not only for me, but other students like me! Aeman R from M.S 217 states that “Extracurricular activities can bring more imagination to students so they can have more ideas in doing something imaginative.”
   Children exploring new ideashttp://makezineblog.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/make_pt1335-1.jpg?w=595&h=541

In conclusion, I guess more and more middle schools need extracurricular activities to stay focused on their task. They also need activities to follow their dreams and discover their talent. In fact, M.S 344 has been closed because of their poor work the students have produced. (http://insideschools.org/middle/browse/school/1357) Many researchers have concluded that students did not get enough curricular activities, henceforth this is why the school is padlocked. Natalie N. and Debora X.(from M.S 217) stated that “You get to explore your physical, creative, social and career interests with like minded people; this is what is best about it. Wouldn’t you want that too?”