Beatriz M.
I have many personalities
As you might have seen
Like a bunny trying its best not
To make a small sound
I am timid and a bit scared when
Strangers are around
Like a whirling, spinning tornado
Destroying your path
That's how i feel when I'm angry,
Letting out my wrath
Brrrr! I'm winter icy, freezing and
Cold, but protecting
Things that pretty soon needs to be grown
When I'm protective,
i care for the ones that are alone
Like a beam of blue
Leading you to the deep ocean floor,
I am a leader
Ready to jump, fly, succeed and soar
I am night, a time
Of day for you to calm down on your
Soothing bed and say
"Goodnight, sleep tight and sweet dreams tonight"
Until the day comes,
When I'm tired, sleepy and drowsy
I am motion less
I have many personalities
I say it once more
Like cotton candy, sweet, and yummy,
Warm, disappearing
Mysteriously fading away