“Cell Phones: Justified or Deficient”

Mastura .M

No Cell phones!

Don’t you loath kids that use cell phones all day long?  They never stop with the loud music, texting, playing games and insulting others by texting! In my school JHS Ms. 217 in NYC kids still uses cell phones even though our principal strictly banned them.  Noreen Beneth, user of Facebook stated “MY 12 year old girl Nina always lost her cell phone at school so I think kids shouldn’t have cell phones and I am deciding to take away her cell phone.” Kids think about cell phones all day and can’t focus in school so do kids really need cell phones?

The Issue with Cell phones…

Some people ask how cell phones are corrupted. First according to the website http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/blogs/moms-at-work/os-kids-and-cell-phones-0410 13 ,0, 3 398723.post, cell phones were never good and have always been a bad thing and harmed about 60% of the kids who use it by kids getting ear problems for hearing the music too loud in cell phones or head aces for long usage. According to Dr. Melissa M. Brown, more than 50% of the kids in US have damaged ears for listing to the music too loud. According to Danny Jacob from Herbert University, 8 out of 10 kids on Boston have cell phones and use it to do unnecessary things like texting. According to http://nycpublicschoolparents.blogspot.com/expariment/2013/04/looking-for-feedback-on-this-years-state-exam.%failing.cell-phones . html an experiment shows that 90% of the kids who used cell phones before taking the test failed. 

How are they good?

The main reason, in support of having cell phones, is safety. Young kids can call home or emergency service when troubles arise when armed with cell phones, according to the website http:// result.Uncoverthenet.com/r.php?wn. Cell phones are really not that bad and with cell phones kids can learn various of new things and there is really not enough research to show that cell phones have a bad effect on kids stated Ms. D Guadalupe an ELA teacher from JHS MS 217. “Cell phones have a good effect on kids because the parents need to know where kid are and what they are doing by communicating over the phone said Al Mamun, a parent of a student in JHS MS 217. He also said that kids can use cell phones but it must turn off in school campus. Student can only use at any emergency to their guardian with permission from teacher.  

What’s wrong with Cell phones?

According to http:/ /www .net- doctor. co.US/healthyliving / parenting/ is-a-mobile-phone-bad-for-your-childs-health.htm#ixzz 2UA6f03kj, cell phones are designed to transmit radio waves (a form of non-ionizing radiation) in order to find a signal, and these waves move in a variety of directions including towards the user's head. After that the problem is that when this happens when they are absorbed into the body's tissues, and this is why some studies have indicated they may potentially increase the risk of brain cancer by using cell phones. According http://www.pamf.org/teen /health / too-much-texting children absorbs significantly more cell phone radiation than previously thought. According to the journal of pediatrics, 12.5% of kids between the age of 6 and 18 suffer from loss of hearing as a result of using ear phones turned to a high volume.

What can we do?

Inclusion cell phones are an issue to some people but some think its ok for kids to use it. Cell phones cause cancers, does ear damages and loss of hearing. Also in some schools cyber bullying happens through cell phones. People around the US are trying to stop cyber bullying. Cell phones are a problem but if you use it carefully they won’t be.