No One Like Me

Alina P.

No One Like Me

There is no one like me in the world

Like a hurricane at its fastest momentum, full of vehemence

A transcendent idea waiting to be thought of, Ding!

The egregious thing everyone has ever seen


Weeping when a bad test grade slaps me in the face

A cool breeze refreshing you on a hot day, Whoosh!

A cold winter day, distant, yet beautiful and necromantic

An irreplaceable human being who has endless number of dreams waiting to be realized


An ordinary girl with a normal life

Who loves games, family and books

Smiling at the best times but lugubrious at the worst

Trying to be the best I can be


At times shy and insecure

Being doubted of what I can really do

But still keeping my head high and looking forward to what lies ahead

No one is like me, Alina Palacios