Too Much Homework

Ibrahim R.

            “Too much home work can increase stress levels that can lead to many risks,” say Rajin Persaud, a student at M.S217. Too much homework can have a negative effect on students on their health and academics. Studies have showed that lot homework can cause negative effects on students. Students think there should be a less amount of homework. Less homework would make students less stress and healthy.

How Much is Too Much

Students have stayed up until midnight doing homework and don’t get enough sleep. “Very simply, too much of anything can be harmful,” says Gerald Letendre, head of Penn State’s Education Policy Studies’ department. Sara Bannett and Nancy Kalish, author of, “The Case against Homework,” say that many children find homework too tedious and boring, so they don’t try as hard, which has negative effects in class. On www.cbsnews.com, it says,” Kids who do 60 to 90 minutes of homework in middle school and over 2 hour of homework in high school actually do worst than average on standardized test.” Therefore, there should be less homework.

Thoughts on Homework

            Students have opinions on too much homework. Some believe that there should a little homework while others believe there should be no homework at all. “Homework causes stress and take a long time so students cannot get enough sleep and sleep is important,” says Nawshin Jerin, student at Bronx Science. On www.learingrx.com, students have too much homework and it frustrates both parents and students. Students think that homework is not really needed.

Appropriate Amount of Homework

              Students think there should not be that much homework. “30 to 40 minutes is enough homework is enough. Maybe a math worksheet or write a little writing piece,” says Rajin Persaud, a student at M.S217. “2 to 3 hours of homework is good. There should only be homework for major classes such as Math or English,” says Nawshin Jerin, a student at Bronx Science. On www.2.ed.gov, says the appropriate amount of home work varies on the grade. The average amount of homework is 1 to 2 hours. In conclusion, teachers should give the appropriate amount of homework, students will be less stressful.


In Conclusion


            Students get stressful by having too much homework. Stress can lead too many health problems. Less homework will let people have more time to do what they want so they can be more relaxed.