First-Class Video Games or Third-Class Video Games

Mohammed A.

Parents think that video games are a waste of time. Research indicates that children can benefit good things from video games.

By: Mohammed A.

Mohammed, a student from MS 217, said “There are a lot of positive effects while you play video games”. He feels that video game helps children to have good grades on specific subject areas. However, people should not play it too much.

In many video games, skills are required to win and have advanced thinking. Video games have many benefits such as learning some knowledge. Video games improve mental skills such as problem solving and logics. Scientists and psychologists find that video games give a child a brain workout. However, some people think that video games have appalling things like bad graphics and strong languages. Basically, parents should be able to disable it by taking off sounds and subtitles.

What is the Problem?

People think that video game is bad for kids. The reason is that video games teach kids wrong values, confuse fantasy and reality etc. While some people believe that it does teach kid’s good values like improvement on reading and math. Ibrahim R., a student from class 622, said that “Video games are good for children because it teaches them real-world skills”.

Positive Effects

One way kids have fun improving in reading and math subjects is video games. Video games let kids have a brain workout. Video games are also multitasking, real-time tracking of many rough enemies and managing multiple objectives. Games like, Call of Duty, have many objectives to follow and to end the mission.

Kids also improve in their co-operation with others. At Joan Ganz Cooney Center, teachers report that their students become better teammates after using digital games in the classroom. Multiplayer games show that kids have to follow a leader in order to complete an objective. If soldiers are training for combat, they should play Halo games, Call of Duty games etc. The games help the soldiers to improve in situational awareness training.


Negative Effects

On the other hand, people disagree that video games teaches kids erroneous advantage. They think that it is okay to play video game sometimes but do some paperwork instead. It is very boring.

A study from Minneapolis-based National Institute for Media and the Family recommends that video games are very addictive to kids and increases depression and anxiety levels.

A science teacher said that “Video games is bad for kids because they waste their time, and becomes very addicted”.



Think About It

Video Games provide children and kids experiences to be able to co-operate with each other. Parents can try it too. All they have to do is turn on a video game and start playing it.