Television: Bad or Good?

Natalie N.

    Do you think that television is a bad influence for kids? ‘’I think that television has its positive and negative effects on children. There are educational shows and non-educational shows, but, their parents should be able to control the shows that their kids watch’’ says D. Guadalupe. Some people think television is a bad influence. Others think it’s a good influence. Television could also be harmful to kids.

   Kids are watching too much television. According to npr.org 64 percent of households have televisions. This means that more children are able to watch more television.  President Dr. Daniel L. March predicted ‘’if the (television) craze continues with the present level of programs, we are destined to have a nation of morons’’.

How does it affect kids?

  Television affects kids in many ways. For example, many kids watch television all day instead of doing their school work. It also affects a child behavior at home. On television there could be many inappropriate things. Furthermore, watching television could also cause eyestrain.


    Even though television affects kids, there are some positive views of it. For example, after a long day at school, a child might want to relax and watch television for a while. Furthermore, television also helps kids learn their alphabet or numbers. Or even other things in educational shows. However, there aren’t many educational shows.

    In conclusion, television has a bad effect on kids. It harms a child’s mind. Children should have a limited amount of time to watch television.