Dolls Go Too Far!!!

Aisha D.

              Dolls are inappropriate

Do you believe that upgraded dolls are becoming more and more inappropriate for kids? Some believe that its not , because they don’t know how half of the dolls look now that they upgraded. Kids are playing with inappropriate dolls. Read on to find out how.


  Dolls Go Way Too Far!

Dolls back then were dressed appropriately. Today, we have all types of dolls. We have a Barbie doll that gives birth! We also have another Barbie doll that has tattoos and piercings everywhere! According to webcache.googleusercotent.com, dr. Thomson says, “as long as we are providing little kids with these types of dolls, they will dress/act the same way”!


What Are The Pros?

The pros to this issue is that kids need some entertainment if they are lonely or bored. Also, according to myrtlebeachforfamilies.com, physcoligist frank says “dolls help kids socialize/communicate some more, so that is a good thing for shy/quiet children.”


What Are The Cons?

The cons to this issue is that tthis can cause inappropriate dressing for children. According to fox23.com, phschotherapist Maribeth Blunt says, “ dolls are not helping but rather attacking a persons imperfections using an unrealistic view point.” I agree with this statement!


In conclusion, this is my issue, my pros, and my cons. This is also why I think/ believe that upgraded dolls are inappropriate for kids/children. They also cause inappropriate behavior.