Boring School Uniform

Debora L.

Boring School Uniform 

Blue,grey, beige day-after-day. Most kids don't like uniforms, why wear them? Students should be able to express their feelings through theirb outfits. Therefore, kids shounld not wear uniforms.

First, students shouldn't wear uniforms because theylose their sense of creativity. That's what http://www.keepschoolssafe.org/should-school-children-wear-uniforms said about uniforms. Girls are able to do their hair and put on accessories, boys can't. Thats why kids shouldn't wear.

Second, students shouldn't wear uniforms because parents on http://www.pelhamnews.ca/2012/09/25/uniforms-unnecessary-additional-expe... say that it's an unnecessary expense. Some parents have money problems and they have to buy uniforms that will place them under further financial problems. Some parents even go up to the principal and tell them about their problems. That's another reasons kids shouldn't wear uniforms.

On the other hand, students should wear uniforms for safety reasons. If students wear uniforms, it will show that they are a part of the school and increase school pride. The website http://www.greatschools.org/find-a-school/defining-your-ideal/121-school... says that students with uniforms with increase a sense of school pride. Kids still get bullied, so why wear uniforms? 

Over all, students wear what they want. Uniforms don't change anything but how students look. Let's stop uniforms!