Less Homework

Ausia S.

Less Homework

Too tired to complete your homework? Less homework is the answer. This means no more listless days, more time with family and friends, and in your spare time, getting to do what you want to do. Therefore, students should receive less homework so that they are prepared for the next day.

Firstly, less homework gives you enogh time to sleep. According to teenink.com, the percentage of almost 1/2 (45%) get less than 8 hours of sleep because of the unnecessary and excessive homework. Throughout your school day, you are really tired and you don't focus on your subjects. All you care about is sleeping throughout the day. This affects your grades and causes your excellent grades to transform into bad grades. If he/ she falls asleep in school, they will get in trouble for not paying attention. All of this takes away the childrens' childhood and makes it seem as if homework was a big deal for students.

Secondly, students shouldn't be isolated from their family members. Teachers giving homework will waste up more of time to interact with their friends and family, in order to complete their homework. By the time he/ she is finished with their homework, their family members are preparing to go to bed. He/ she is either in their bed with uncompleted homework or up until midnight, trying to complete it. This makes it harder to stay up during the day and fall asleep.

Although students need less homework, more homework has some benefits. On the other hand, students need homework because it is reinforcing what was leardned. When students hand in their homework, the teachers go over the homework with the students to determine whether the students understood it or not. If the students did not comprehend, teachers provide help if needed.

In conclusion, give students a chance to be free without wrestling with their homework. Giving less homework solves their problems. Since students have less homework, they have time to interact with their parents and as well as friends and get enough sleep. Keep kids happy and healthy so they are as alert and productive as they can be.