Ruben Frischesien

Uniforms stink!


Here is a sign that

bans uniforms

            How much do you like wearing almost anything you want to school? What if that privilege was taken away? School uniforms are a waste of money, takes away the right for a student to express themselves, and is a financial issue for families with little money. Schools think that uniforms will solve problems of gangs, inappropriate clothing, and problems on what to wear. That is not the case. Most schools see no change or effect. It is because of the fact that clothes can't calm behavior, can't make you less violent, and definitely can't make you choose your life choices! According to http://www.greatschools.org/find-a-school/defining-your-ideal/121-school... A 2004 book makes the case that uniforms do not improve school safety or academic discipline

Limits Self-expression

            The time spent in school is crucial to the development of self-expression. When forced to wear uniforms, students are discouraged to express themselves and are forced to look and act like their peers as opposed to expressing their own style and opinions. When asking Sarah Subhag "Do you feel uniforms let you express what you feel?" she answers "No, because once again it is the school who is making the choice for you. Navy blue shirt and khaki pants, really"? Since students are still growing socially and individually, impeding their self-expression at such a crucial stage in their development may have consequences in adulthood. Children express themselves with their clothing. Not only do clothes help identify style, but they also express interests outside of school. Schools are not robot factories! They are places to learn! But this learning is not just from books. Schools are essential for the development of social skills. By limiting self-expression, uniforms also limit social education.


Discourages Individuality

            Forcing students and employees alike to wear uniforms suggests a sense of conformity; students are forced to wear clothing they do not want to wear. A sense of individuality is vital to a child's growth. By allowing students to wear what they want, they can grow naturally without the handcuffs of a uniform. This has a direct influence on a student's ability for creative thought. Furthermore, students will struggle to create friends with like-minded interests due to being forced to conform.

            Students respond angrily to uniforms, allowing them to strike out against their believed oppressors. Students in uniforms often wear makeup earlier than their public school counterparts, or they will attempt to alter their uniforms to create a sense of unique identity.


Unrealistic and Intolerant


Here student are making up things

            Unless students enter a lifelong career in the military or the government, they probably will not wear a uniform once they graduate from high school. In that regard, uniforms do not prepare students for real life, where they will have to choose what to wear everyday, where their peers will wear something different, and where they must be willing to accept everyone else's differences. Uniforms do not promote individual thought, nor do they allow students to learn how to make decisions on their own, and this breeds a generation of sheep, not leaders. Moreover, uniforms do not foster tolerance towards the choices of others.




 Over Costly

            School uniforms are expensive. Average annual cost to parents for school uniforms  are $249! That's outrages! While many students in public school may be able to easily afford uniforms, there are families with lower incomes who may have difficulty affording the necessary garb. This can impose an even greater burden on lower income families who may have enough troubles already.

            In conclusion, uniforms are not good. they are a pain and a trouble. Uniforms have not only made families waste money, but made their children not be able to wear what they want in a free country. I think uniforms should be banned and never should set foot in a school again!