Teachers Avoid Beneficial Stress Releiver

Rajot P.

Teachers Avoid Beneficial Stress Reliever 

            As we progress through our educational life we get more work and the work also gets harder and parents are also pushing their children to do better and better. Added together all these "ingredients" prove to make a student have much more stress in school. Well, with an art class we students can finally get a break allowing us to cool down and keep our composure instead of worrying about every little thing.

Lots Of Stress


            Firstly,  as I interviewed my peers I asked them if they have been handling a lot stress, and the majority said that they have been handling more stress nowadays. Peer number 1 ( Sanjar Ahmed) said that " yes I have been handling much more stress now and I think that we deserve a period at the end of the day to just relax after a day of hard work while being with my classmates". Then I suggested an art class and he said the following, "yeah Rajot, an art class would be a good solution since I like drawing for fun". Also, studies show that the children ages 7-17 who have been treated for depression which has been classified as a form of stress has doubled from 1995-2001 as said by "Greatschools.org." So we should have an art class in our grade because 6th graders do not have any talent classes.

Showing School Spirit

            Secondly, since in our school we always have many activities or events going on an art class would prove very useful to advertise for these events. While in art class, teachers can ask us to be creative and create posters for upcoming events so that way we can have fun and also show our school spirit. Peer number 2 (Haseena Nasiri) said "yes, I would have fun painting posters for school, because I would be doing something fun that I like to do, and it would be beneficial to the school". This shows that we students are ready for anything, all we need is the opportunity.

Students Love Art


            Thirdly, many students just love art. Either it may be their hobby or just a simple activity to do. A lot of students love art and hope to have an art class to have a chance to let their creativity take over. Also as I interviewed my peers I also noticed that everyone rated art as a subject as 8-10 which also shows how much students would love art as a real subject.

http://images.sodahead.com/polls/001044833/polls_no_stress_sign_300x300_0621_820068_poll_xlarge_xlarge.jpeg            In conclusion, these days students have a lot of stress on their hands and art class can be the cure. It can help students out with stress problems and is also a great way to show school spirit.