Talent Classes, a Waste of Time?

Beatriz M.
Are kids really getting a well-rounded education in schools? Most people don’t think this is true. Although they do learn about math, literacy, science, and social studies, they also need a break to relax or do something to have fun. This time should be given as talent classes. “Arts education gives children a place where they can express themselves and channel negative energy into something positive,” says Barbara Benglian, a teacher at Upper Darby High school.

The Arts and its Benefits

“Students don’t want to just sit around and look at a black board all day!” says Srijita, a student attending at Robert A. Van Wyck middle school. Srijita says after a long day of work she just wants a time to get a break form work and just do something fun like dance, paint, play music or sing. At Robert A. Van Wyck, 6th graders don’t have talent classes, so they have to wait until 7th grade to get talent classes. “I actually was looking forward to having talent classes this year,” Says Sarah, another student who attends middle school 217. Sarah says she was devastated to hear she had to wait until next year to have performing arts classes.

  Firstly, According to a May 2005 Harris Poll (www.nasaa-arts.org), 93% of the people who took the poll agree that arts are vital to provide a well-rounded education for children. This proves that talent classes help provide a good education for students. For example, taking one performing arts class can help students discover their talent and their dream. Also, by taking one of the talent classes, students can gain a confidence in them needed for school and life opportunities. Performing arts programs are a nice way to do something you love, whether it’s dancing, drawing, singing, acting or playing and instrument.   

The Struggle of Performing Arts Classes in Schools
Although talent classes are important to students, many schools have been cutting them. This problem is happening due to budget cuts, and not caring for these classes. Budgets in schools have a wide effect on how many programs there is in schools. Due to shortage of money many schools have had to cut programs such as dance, art, music, and acting classes. Also, not many people think talent classes are very important in order for students to develop, another reason why performing arts programs have suffered trying to survive in schools.

  In conclusion, talent classes have helped students in many ways, other than being a waste of time like others think. It has helped with academic and health development. It has also helped a student do something they love to do. So instead of school just having to be a place to study and top look at a chalk board all day, it can be a place to do something the student may like doing. “School must be the source of inspiration and instruction,” says Dr. Fineberg.http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/uploadedImages/schools/einsteinhs/academies/academy%20of%20visual%20and%20performing%20arts.gif