editorial Gun Safety


         Do you want to be in an environment with guns? Weapons are dangerous and not good to have around. In fact guns are east to use and can hurt you or someone else by accident. The US needs to control guns use. That’s why only the NYPD should have guns.        

  First, the New York Police Department announced today that they will soon adopt scanning technology that lets police officers see from a distance if someone is carrying concealed weapon, according to the New York Daily News. Weapons lead to detrimental things happening in the world. Here are the different types of guns rifle, hand gun, shot gun, revolver, and tactical gun. Rifles and shot guns are also considered long guns.         

Second, according to Dara Kerr writer for newsnet.org the US gun control debate continues in full force, looking for ways to catch people illegally possessing firearm. All types of guns are dangerous. Hunters need hunting license to be able to use weapons to hunt animals. The NYPD doesn’t use guns for unnecessary reasons. Once in the wrong hands they can be used improperly.         

On the other hand, people may think guns are needed in the world for safety and hunting reasons. People think having guns make them cool and tough. Which is extremely dangerous. Other things can be used to keep you safe. The NYPD also had problems with officers and gun use. Guns are important but can get into the wrong hands. Others feel that people should have guns like teachers because if there was another Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, the teachers would be prepared.  

Finally, the NYPD and Armed Services should be the only people able to use guns. They NYPD and other law enforcement know how to use weapons responsibly. The New York Police Department and other government law enforcements agencies know how to keep us citizens safe. Let them protect us!!