ban sagging jeans





Do you know someone that sag their jeans? Stay calm and ban sagging jeans.A bunch of people start to sag their jeans for no reason. Most people who sag their jeans think that there is a prize when you sag your jeans.


First, a non-sagger from MS 217 Robert was interviewed question 1: why don’t you sagg your jeans? He answered there is no point of sagging my jeans. Question 2: Do you feel good you made the choice of not sagging? Yes because in my opinion it’s dumb. Jerome Boykin stated ‘there is nothing positive about people wearing saggy pants’.


Next, then a person who saggs his pants from the Rufus king park named Steve smith took an interview question 1: why do you sagg your jeans? Because it is what all the cool kids do now that is what I am a cool kid. Question 2: Do you feel good you made the choice of sagging? Yes I went from being a loser to being popular.

On the other hand, sagging jeans does not hurt anyone. If you don’t want to sag don’t do it then instead of banning what you don’t do. There is no point of banning sagging jeans when there not killing anyone or something.

In conclusion, they should ban sagging jeans because they are setting a bad example for the children younger than they are. They don’t hurt anyone but they change a child’s future. Most children follow what they think is alright.