Should guns be illagel?

Arlett Z.

      Shouldn’t safety be a priority? Many people have weapons with them in places that should be secure for our society such as schools , groceries , malls ,and office buildings. The NYPD should be the only ones with guns.
        First, according to the site www.therightperspective.org , Mayor Bloomberg stated that the NYPD should be the only ones to have guns on the street. People owning guns without a license can be dangerous for us. The city’s real enemy are handguns. Guns are harmful weapons that were responsible for death committed in America. Without guns their would be no crime. Guns can be simple to use that they make murder easy. 
       Second, according to the website www.conservativebyte.com NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said that only the NYPD should have control of guns because their jobs are to protect society from violent people. The NYPD will also protect the most dangerous zones where they are needed the most. If guns were banned their would be less deaths , and crime. I mean would you like people dieing everyday from gun violence?. Would you like to see innocent people to die from the gun violence?.
        On the other hand people can also have guns for protection. If guns were banned people would just switch to knives. People use guns for hunting animals they put some people's food on their table. Guns don’t kill people it’s the people who use them. Without guns How would people protect themselves, and family? 

          In conclusion , only the NYPD should       have guns because they will protect our society, and stop the gun violence, and crime.