For the sake of the players

Jose M.

Are you a sports fan? Especially a soccer fan. If you are a soccer fan you probaly already heard about the big conteversy, if  FIFA ( Federal International Football Association ) should enable replays to help the referee's with the calls they make. For those of you who don't play or know about soccer in europe they call soccer football.

Fair play

  First, as I interviewed some of my colleges. Some play soccer and others don't. I asked them if they think FIFA should enable replays and why they should. This is what Ruben F. answered " yes because it would avoid contreversy about a call the ref makes". I also asked if the technology would make the game more fair and he respond " yeah". Expert in soccer Salvador Cruz stated "If they install this technology we'll finally have a fair game". They are  just one out  of many people that think would make the game more fair for players.

  Secondly,the barclays premier league of england is looking forward to be one of the first leagues to install the replay technology. The grand total would be £300k, in dollars that is $388,000,000,020.00. That is very expensive Each of the 20 clubs will have to pay Sepp Blatter's( current president of FIFA) organisation £15,000 in dollars that's $19401.00 to test and receive the FIFA quality seal for Hawk-Eye's camera based system,which is expected to cost about £250,000, in dollars that's $323,350.00 per ground. America's soccer league the MLS decided the cost were too high. MLS commissioner Don Garther stated "It's very,very expensive. It had us take a step back and pause and try to figure out " is the value of having goal-line technology worth investing millions and millions of dollars for the handful of moments where it's revelant ?" Not too many people are excited with the prices of the new technology.

Grow up FIFA

  Further more,in the past few years FIFA has rejected the idea of using instant replays. In 2008 Sepp Blatter stated " Let it be as it is and let's leave football with errors. The television companies will have the right to say, the referee was right or wrong, but still the referee makes the decision- a man, not a machine". I asked my fellow peer Rajot Paul if he thought FIFA should enable replays and he answered " Yes because the players should not have to pay for the ref 's mistake. Over the years representatives from FIFA say we should stick to how the rules of the sport should stay the same, just how soccer started. Still much more people are in favor of  installing goal-line technology. FIFA is currently considering on starting to use goal-line technology. Once everybody in the world knew about this there were a lot of signs of happiness. Patrick Mcavena from england(Manchester City fan) was one of the many fans that was happy about the news. He said " finally a good decision from FIFA".

 In conclusion, many people support the idea of goal line technology and replays in future seasons. Many people believe it will make the game more fair and clubs will not be able to pay referee's for that they could win a match. If FIFA includes goal line technology and replays in every game it will make the games fair and square.