NO CELL PHONES!!

    Many kids around the world are using cell phones. Cell phones can be detrimental and kids use it for many unrationale reasons. ‘’ My kids idea of a hard life is to live in a house with only one phone’’, said George Foreman, a professional boxer.



Cell phones are a big distraction in class because kids play games and text instead of paying attention in class. For example, ‘’The drawbacks to cell phones are making the teacher uncomfortable, create noise in class seem less serious’’, said Joel H. Hoffman, a teacher. Kids don’t focus in class. They stick to their cell phones all day. ‘’While taking a test or an important lesson the phone would ring and disturb the class’’, said Debora Xiloj, a 6th grader.


Cheating In Class

 Many children cheat in class through cell phones during test. For example, ‘’ It’s not fair to other children who work hard and other who cheat’’, said Amy Lau, a 6th grader. On a website,(usnews.com) experts say that 80% - 95% of high school student plagiarize through internet on their cell phones. Schools should ban cell phones. Students are taking advantage of brining cell phones to school and cheating by calculators or other apps.


Bullied Through Cell Phones

    Kids even get bullied through cell phones. This new technology has ruined many people’s lives. On a website, (usnews.com) experts say ‘’About 40% of high school students get bullied through texting. About 14% of children suicide because of cyber bullying.’’ Texting bad things through cell phones had many kids lives on risk !!

      In conclusion, cell phones have a negative effect on children. On a website,(statsticbrain.com) experts say, ‘’ About 29% people said that their cell phones is the first and last thing they would look at each day.’’ Students and kids under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to have cell phones !!