Battle For Internet Safety!

Sarah S.

Should We Be Worried About Social Network Sites?

Are you familiar with social networking sites? If so, it is mandatory you know about internet safety. One thing you should always remember when on the internet is to be careful about what you say and/or post online. This may result in one of the most common thing around the world, know as cyber bulling. To keep yourself safe, you need not only to follow some basic rules yourself, but also raise the awareness of your friends too!


Perils of Social Networking

One of the less technically dangerous threats from the social network business is hacking someone’s account. This is a reason why when you create an account, they say “Never share your password!” “Social network may have a negative impact on school because of either saying inappropriate comments about a school staff/official or confronting the principal/dean about something you saw on the internet that someone posted and didn’t like” reported Mary Calvi form CBS 2 News. In addition, cyber bullying is a big mischief maker because something you say can result in suicidal behavior from that person. People can also be one step closer to stalking you and stealing your private information.


There is a Cure!

There are some possible cures for preventing social media perils. One way is to keep it clean: avoid inappropriate language usage. Secondly, don’t threaten or abuse: threats or harming another person will never be tolerated. Thirdly, be truthful: don’t knowingly lie about anyone or anything. Fourthly, be nice: no racism or any –ism that is degrading to another person. Lastly, be proactive: use the “Report” link n each comment to notify abusive posts. (This information was found at www.getsafeonline.org) Don’t violate the rules!


Try This!

If you’re like me, you can go very long without checking your account. It is nice to know the update of what your friends are doing, but sometimes, it may lead to constantly checking it every 3 hours, almost like addiction. Try going 5 days without checking your account. Statistics have shown that 95% of people have found this method useful. I guarantee you this will work!

How it Works!

Amy L., Aisha M., Beatriz M. and Srijita H. all claim that they can’t go 5 days without checking their social network sites. “It’s too addicting. I must know what my friends are up to” says Amy L., a sixth grade student from MS217 Robert A Van Wyck. “I can go up to a month without checking my blog/mail(s). We have more than enough time to chat at school” reports Kenneth G. another sixth grade student from the same school.

Now You Know

In conclusion, you should always stay alert when on the internet. Follow the rules of internet safety. Don’t get intimidated by a person who wants to get you in trouble. You should care about this because you never know what might happen. Next time you’re on one of the many social network sites, remember, stay calm, stay safe and stay you!