Minecraft: Good or Harm?

Jose V.

 Minecraft: Good or Harm?

What is Minecraft?

   Minecraft is a computer game that attracts many people, especially computer gamers. There is a virtual world that is made up of blocks. It may not seem entertaining, but minecraft features more than a lego based world. It includes animals, monsters, cutting down trees, mining in caves, making big creations, and more!

    According to Randore Sewnarine, a minecraft expert, “Minecraft  is a sandbox game.” He says that it is built to help express childrens’ imagination. He says there is a survival mode and creative mode, most players play survival. “I like to play on multiplayer servers with other people it is fun to communicate and interact with other players, “ says Randy. He has been playing minecraft for over two years.

Can Minecraft Affect People’s Lives?

    Yes, it can affect people’s lives. People have been addicted to minecraft that they have trouble separating the virtual world from the real world. For example, this person jumped off a building thinking he would survive and he was in the hospital for 4 months. People run around in the dark screaming for torches. They think monsters will get them and they go crazy. People who usually get good grades in school started failing and others lost their boyfriend/girlfriend and/or friends.

Can Minecraft Improve Any Abilities?

   Yes, minecraft can improve certain abilities. It can improve hand-eye coordination. Another example is that on multiplayer it can help with money management with shops. It can help math skills such as perimeter and area. Since there is a survival mode and monsters spawn at night, children improve their time management skills. It can be used to build things such as statues or something for school, which is the improvement of creativity.

    Randy says minecraft has improved some of his abilities too. It has improved his typing skills. He types faster than before he played minecraft.  He has improved hand-eye coordination. He has also developed more creativity skill from minecraft. Randy says, “I don't know what I would do without minecraft.