The Problem with it

Harpreet. K

Live or Die

“I have a account in facebook, sometimes it is safe but sometimes it is not” says Gurpreet a 8th grader in Gateway. Social networking can be a big problem for kids and teens. Sometimes it even causes deaths. Social networking is fraught. 

A lot of fraught things can happen with social networking. For example in cbs news “A twelve year old girl Gabrielle Molina committed suicide because of getting cyber bullied”. Another example is from The Times it says,” A girl named Danah Boyd says the internet was her killer between childhood to adulthood”. Another example is from voxxi.com it says a boy named Victoria says” I enjoy reading news feeds on facebook it helps me stay connected with my family and friends but sometimes a random person starts threatening me.” All of these people have experienced it.


The girl who committed suicide

Gabrielle Molina


The Bad Thing

                There are bad things going on with social networking. For in NBC News it says “Add Facebook depression to potential harms linked with social media. An influential doctors group warns affected troubled teens”. Another good example is from NY times it says “By scanning peoples brain and tracking their emails and online posts”. Another example is from kids health it says that cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass or threaten or, embarrass, or target other people”. This shows how bad social networking is.

The Good Side of it!

                Social networking can be a good advantage. You can be connected with your family members. Mastra (a MS217 kid) says “I have a facebook account and nothing really bad happened like that”. Preeti (an 8th grader in MS217) says “social networking is good because you can video chat with people outside of the state”. Social networking is benifial on people.

To Solve the Problem!

                                Parents are now keeping an eye on their kids and their account they have made. Delete your social networking account and use a phone to talk to people. That’s the easiest way. Don’t use social networkings or something fraught might happen?