Aricia P.


For five days a week students go to school. they learn math, science,  social studies,and ELA. but what they really miss is the most important subject,recess. It may be hard to belive but recess is the most important subjet in school. recess is a perfect time for a break also a time to get some exercise.

A break is what every human needs. A break can be healthy to the human body and mind.Without a break a person can be meantly sick.Dr.Sanjay Gupta from cnn.com says that "a break is important to your every day life." Every one needs a break  espically students in school.

 Secondly alot of students in the US do not get enough exercise or any exercise at all ! 60% of the students in the US are obeese/ overweight. That is because of lack of exercise. Recess can change that . Recess is one time a student can exercise . 

On the other hand, some students cannot play in recess. Either they have a medical problem or just dont want to play. For students like these schools should have an opn activity that everybody will be intrested in learning.

In conclusion students should get more recess. So they canstay fit and healthy