Texting or Failing

Aricia P.

Local student Rajin P. goes to school with a cellphone. He needs a cellphone in case of emergencies. Cell phones can cause cyber bullying. Cellphones in school can also be used for cheating.

       Cyber bullying has been a major problem in schools in the USA. A student in california named Bair Gomez had commiitted suicide because she was getting cyber bullying. The worst part is that blair was only 13 years old when she had died. This tragic death had happend in 2010. Cyber bullying can happen to anyone anywhere. This is why some schools have decided to ban cell phones.

         Some students are very responsible with their cellphones . A student in Ohio had a test and decided to use his cellphone to cheat during the test. This student was caught and expelled from school. That is how cellphones can be used to cheat.

     Although schools have banned cellphones students have still brought their cellphones in school. No matter what rule their is students will still continue to bring cellphones in school.
    In conclusion, schools should ban cellphones and that will be a good for the students.