Video Game Addiction and Relaxtion

Randore S.

                                                                Video Game Addiction and Relaxation                                

                Video games can be addictive. Some kids become addicted due to the time they play that game. Those kids need help to recover and withdraw. Kids can have a normal life again.                                                                    Personal Story of Dr. Andrew Doan                                                                            Many kids become addicted to games .For example, Dr. Andrew Doan is a father, and surgeon. He soon discovered gaming and was addicted to it quickly. "Instead of studying, I was playing all day long," admitted Doan. He also has written the book, "Hooked on Games" that he made from his own story and warns parents about too many games. "You can say I'm a zealot about this addiction," said Doan.  "I recognize it's a real thing, (and) I don't want other people to suffer." In so, Doan has his own story about video game addiction.                                                                 Some kids play games too much. Dr. Douglas Gentile, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University says that kids addicted to video games are more likely to suffer depression, anxiety and social phobias as a result of their pathological gaming, and may need professional help to recover. An invited researcher to speak at the international conference called "The Corporate Takeover of Childhood" in Melbourne Australia. He says that parents should monitor the amount of time kids play games to know if the child to obsessed about games.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Autistic Children Playing video games                                                                                  On the other hand, video games may relax children. For example, BBC news says that video games may relax autistic children. Also, kids feel better about the studying stopping for a bit and beat their high score. Additionally, kids also like shooting games because they get to unleash their inner rage in side.

In conclusion, many kids like to play video games. Some become addicted, while others become relaxed by releasing their rage. Finally, the kids of the future should not go through video game addiction.