Respecting Family

Kenneth G.

          Have you ever treated your family with the amount of respect they deserve? Connie in "Abuela invents the Zero" and the Lin's daughter in "The All-American Slurp" both try to respect their family as they get mortified. Their families try too. Both only accomplish a little bit. Therefore, it is important to respect your family.

          First, Connie's grandmother comes to New Jersey and is not ready for the weather so she has to borrow clothes. The story says, "...she walks around in my mother's big black coat..." to show that the family respects abuela enough to lend her the coat for a week. Connie avoids abuela until mass. Then, she is forced to take her to mass. Abuela wanders around the room, looking for her seat, but Connie doesn't come to her rescue. She kept walking until a complete stranger took her back to her seat. It can be interpreted that Connie wanted to be popular more than do a good deed and help abuela.

          Second, the Lin family gets invited to a dinner party at the Gleason's. They helpfully get some chairs to the buffet table. This shows that the family respects the Gleason's enough to help them set up their dinner. Then, they went to the Lakeview resturant, and they slurp their soup. As it states in the passage: "As any respectable Chinese knows, the correct way to eat your soup is to slurp." The Lin's daughter is so mortified that she goes into the bathroom and hides there until her mother comes to get her. You can tell she is feeling miserable and is at the lowest pioint in her story. Later, the Lin's invite the Gleason's to a dinner party and the Gleason's mess up when they try to eat Chinese food like Chinese people, so they eat it like themselves. Everyone stares at them and they don't care. They are self-respecting and comfortable about who they are as individuals.

          On the other hand, its not always important to respect your family. Connie disrespected abuela by letting her walk all over the church, abashing her. The Lin's daughter disrespected her family by taking advantage of them and guilting them into buying her a pair of jeans. The Lin's daughter got what she wanted with no harm done. Connie, however, didn't get entirely what she wanted and shamed herself along the way.

          In conclusion, respecting family is important. Connie's problem is that she is scared of getting embarresed by abuela and the problem will solve over time. The Lin's duaghter's problem is that she is scared of being in a new country with different customs, and solves her problem by learning to have more self-confidence/respect after Meg slurped her milk shake. People need respect for themselves, though not too much or you will be conceited, which can lead to bad desicions.  People also need to respect others, but not so much that you will do whatever they tell you to do. To find success in life, indviduals need a certain amount of respect.