Embarassing Moments

Haseena N.



Have you ever had plans that had somehow went wrong? Connie from the story, "Abuela Invents the Zero" and the Lin's daughter from the story, "The All-American Slurp", both have had their own plans go wrong. The two girls had unfortunately experienced some unanticipated moments throughout their own stories. They had both planned to move on with their lives, not caring how many obstacles were thrown their way. There were a lot of them, too. Although, soon, Connie and the Lin's daughter both realize their mistakes and fix them. Sometimes things don't always go as planned.

  Firstly, In the story, "Abuela Invents the Zero", the main character, Connie, must take care of her visiting grandmother. Although, when her grandmother visits from the islands, Connie decides to just ignore her grandmother since Connie does not really know her and classifies her as a stranger, even though they are related. However, Connie's plans soon come to an end because her parents persuade her into taking her grandmother to a local church for "mass". Connie decides to lay low and pretend that she does not know her grandmother because she believes that she will be embarrassing. Unfortunately, her theory is proven true when her grandmother makes a scene in the church by getting lost, trying to find her seat and Connie.

Secondly, In the story"The All-American Slurp", the Lin family moves from their home in China to America. The Daughter of the Lin family decides to learn about the American culture and take it up. She wants to fit in just like everybody else. Soon, though, her plans go wrong when she and her family are invited to a neighbor's buffet and they do not eat as much or in the same way as the rest of the guests. Ever after encountering this minor setback, the Lin's daughter still resumes her plan of fitting into thr American culture. Although, again, when the family goes to a fancy restaurant, they slurp their soup/noodles unsually loudly and attract attention to themselves, rather than fitting in with the other customers.

On the other hand, Connie and the Lin's daughter both learn that their plans were disrupted for a reason and were not even required first place. Connie learns that her family should always come first and that it is common to be embarrassed by them sometimes. She also learns that other people have feelings too and that she should treat people the way that she would want to be treated. Whereas, the Lin's daughter learns that people make mistakes, no matter what their culture is and that learning new things may take time. She learns that it is okay to be herself around people.

In conclusion, the main characters from both stories learn lessons. Connie learns that other people have feelings too and that blood is thicker than water. Also, the Lin's daughter learns that everyone makes mistakes and that it is okay to do so. They both learn that you should always do what you feel is right and that you should not care about what others think as long as you are happy with yourself and your choices.