Adopting Animals?

Haseena N.


Do you believe that needy companion animals deserve to be adopted? More animals deserve better homes! Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, according to the ASPCA. Alina P. is a student that goes to Robert A. Van Wyck 217 and she says, "I want to adopt a pet really badly, but I don't have the permission from my parents. They don't think that I can handle the responsibilty." This is a common reason apposed to pet adoption. Although, sheltered animals haven't dont anything to deserve the state that they are in, they have no voice of their own, we are their voice! If you were one of them wouldn't you want to be saved? Rescue an animal today!



    Animals Being Helpful


In addition, animals do not just provide companionship, but can also be trained to do simple tasks. For example, a dog can be trained to retrieve a newspaper for its owner. You never know, an animal could teach you something. It could even change you. An example of this is an ASPCA story, written by Marie Hartman.



Also, Marie used to be a cat person, but that was before a gargantuan dog had stalked Marie's house for a while before approaching the porch. Marie described that the dog appeared to be depressed and that it also looked famished. Marie nervous towards feeding the dog, she was wondering how difficult it may be with the dog's large size. It turned out that it was not at all a problem because the dog was calm and behaved, so it turns out Marie was a dog person after all.



                    Don't Shop, Adopt! 


  However, there are acceptable reasons for why people may not want to or cannot adopt animals. One of those reasons is Marie's reason of being afraid of certain animals or not interested in them or even allergic to them. Another reason is Alina's reason of not being ready to handle all the responsibility or not having the time for a pet, some people don't even know the first thing about being an owner. Although, some reasons for not adopting animals are outrageous, like how some people prefer shopping for animals instead of adopting them! People should save lives and just adopt animals instead!



In conclusion, people should adopt animals, especially companion animals. For example, cats and dogs. Animals complete you! They remain loyal and stay by your side. They deserve homes, homes where they will be kept happy. They don't belong in shelters, where they could possibly be hurt, or worse, killed! Save an animal's life now and adopt!