Getting Used to Something New

Beatriz M.

Have you ever moved to a new place or had a family member move in? It might be hard to get used to something new. The relative might be embarrassing; the place you traveled to might not be what you expected. That’s what the two protagonists, Connie and the Lin’s daughter, encountered in the stories, “Abuela Invents the Zero” and “The All-American Slurp”. Getting used to someone or somewhere is pretty hard.

First, in the story “Abuela Invents the Zero”, Connie is trying really hard to get used to abuela’s culture. Although Connie already is aware that she has to take responsibility of abuela, she doesn’t want to be seen by her friends with abuela. Even though abuela is pretty tough to handle, she too is not used to the American culture. Connie now must take her to where she wants to go because abuela does not know her way around. All the more reason that Connie must get used to abuela and her culture.

Second, in the story, “The All-American Slurp”, the Lin’s Have just moved to America from China. The family tries best to get used to the new country. Most of the family is already embracing the American culture, except the Lin’s daughter. She has a difficult time fitting in at school and also with speaking English. She’s not used  to how Americans eat and neither is her family. Along the way, they learn that getting used to a new place is not easy.

Third, in both stories, the Lin’s daughter and Connie both feel that something they have trouble in is getting used to something new. Both characters aren’t really getting used to a new culture. They’re having a rigorous time. But, although they may seem alike, they’re different too. Connie is embarrassed by her grandmother and her culture. On the other hand, the Lin’s daughter is embarrassed by her own culture and how she’s different from people in America.

In conclusion, both stories relate to getting used to something new. It will be hard at first, but you will always get used to it. That’s how the two characters felt at the end of both stories.