Fitting In

Jose V.

      Sometimes it is hard to fit in. This happens to Abuela from, "Abuela Invents The Zero, " and the Lin daughter from, "The All-American Slurp." Abuela has trouble fitting in with the family. The Lin daughter has trouble fitting in to a new culture. 

      First, Abuela, has trouble fitting in to family. For example, in church, when Abuela couldn't find her seat she was walking around looking for it. Woth each step, she was gasping for breath. She was so disturbing that even the priest stop talking. Connie was too embarrassed to rescue her Abuela.
     Secondly, the Lin's daughter, has trouble fitting in to a new culture. For example, she thinks Americans don't slurp when at a fancy restaurant and they stare at her. When Meg, her friend, slurps her milkshake, the Lin's daughter gets confused. She asks Meg why she slurps on her milshake. Meg says that all Americans slurp. 
      In conclusion, both Abuela and the Lin daughter had trouble fitting in. People can learn from their mistakes. Abuela learned to not be so embarrassing because it makes people with her feel bad. The Lin's daughter learned it is okay to slurp, but it is rude in a restaurant. Both of them learned from their mistakes.