Treat Others

Harpreet. K

Did you ever feel so modified that you wanted to disappear? In the stories, “Abuela Invents the Zero” and “The All American Slurp”, Connie and the Linn daughter go through similar experiences with their family members. Therefore they get modified by their family members. Treat others the way, you want to be treated.
First in the stories, Connie and the Lin daughter are not getting treated as they want. For example, in the story Abuela Invents the Zero”, her Abuela is telling on her. Another example is, in “The All American Slurp”, in the PTA the Lin daughter father he says her daughter is “stupid”. There both embarrassed too.
Next, in the story Connie and the Lin daughter were feeling embarrassed. For example in All American Slurp they were slurping soup. Another example is from 'Abuela Invents a Zero'' Connie’s Abuela is wondering all around the church. They both were too scared to anything. The family members were doing whatever they wanted.
Then, Connie and the Lin daughter want to do something, but they have to do something back. For example the Lin daughter wants pants but her mom says no. Another example is Connie wants to go to a fashion show with her friends. But her father says “you have to take Abuela to the church”. They both just want something but you have to give something. They are not getting treated fairly.   
In conclusion, Connie’s things that she didn’t thought they were “lamo”. Lin daughter family acted normal. At the end, they both will be understood. They will treat other people then, they will be treated.