Being Mortified

Aisha D.

    Have you ever been mortified by you family? In life, stuff like that will happen to you, but you just have to be respectful. In both stories , “Abuela Invents The Zero” And, “The All American Slurp,” the protagonists Connie, and the lins daughter learn that you need to be respectful to your family no matter what happens.

    In the story “ Abuela Invents The Zero”, Connie states; “I cant be seen with them especially by m friends at school; they will laugh at me for the rest of my life”. On the other hand in the story “The All American Slurp”, lins daughter states, “ next day meg and I got on the bus together , I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me after the spectacle our family made at the party”. Both heroines were embarrassed of their family.

      Next, in the story, “Abuela Invents The Zero”, Connie states, “ I sat in place and acted like I didn’t see her, she was just wandering around, even when the prayer started, she was still wandering around. She was lost!” .However, in the story “The All American Slurp”, the lins daughter says: “the waiter stood looking patient. I squirmed and died at least fifty times, she was waiting on mom, and dad to take their order, dad had token out his French dictionary so he could understand whats on the menu.” Both protagonist are going through the same problems. They are mortified by their family.

       Finally, I the story “ Abuela Invents The Zero”, connie states: “I don’t want to be seen walking down the stairs with abuela”. On the other hand , In “ The All American Slurp”, lins daughter states that “ hopefully mom, and dad does not say anything to mess this all up”. All of these details prove that conne, and the lins daughter were abashed by their family.

      In conclusion, they resolve the conflict in “Abuela Invents The Zero”, because connie states: “ I don’t understand why she is so upset. She just got lost and wandered around for a while. I tell them. But it sounds lame eve to my own ears. The lins daughter learns that being American is being true to yourself , I know this hen the lins daughter saw Meg slurping when they were at the dairy queen she asked “ does all Americans slurp?” then Meg said , “yea! Of coarse all Americans slurp!”. A universal life lesson is you have to accept yourself the way you are.