Aeman R.

                 HAVING COURAGE

Have you ever moved to a new place or neighborhood and felt afraid? In the two stories, ‘’ Abuela Invents The Zero’’ and ‘’ The All American Slurp’’, both of the protagonists are trying to fit into a a new culture, but frightened that people will make fun of them. They still had the courage to fight that fear. Essentially, courage is being afraid, but going on anyway.

First, don’t be embarrassed by what others say about you. In ‘’ Abuela Invents The Zero’’, Connie and her family are at airport waiting for her grandmother to arrive. When she gets there,on the way home, Connie moves away from her family so people think she is not with them. Next, when abuela has to go to mass, Connie's mother is ill so Connie had to take her place. Then, when they are a the mass, Connie's grandmother makes embarrassed by making everyone getting squeezed to get a key seat. Even the priest at one point stopped speaking, everyone giggled.

Next, its okay to make mistakes. In '' The All American Slurp'', first, the Lin family is invited to the Gleason's house for lunch. While they were drinking their soup, the whole Lin family made loud, ''slurping'' noises that everyone looked at them with wide eyes. Next, when the Lin family was at the restaurant, their new experience with the relish tray and buffet went all wrong. Then, the Lin's daughter wore a uniform to a non-uniform school and everyone giggled when she passed by them.

On the other hand, treat others the way you want to be treated. Never misbehave with anyone or hurt someones feelings. For example, in the story, '' Abuela Invents The Zero'', abuela's feelings got hurt because of Connie. That was because in the mass abuela got lost and instead of helping her, she just stood aside until a stranger helped her. This made Luella feel like nothing, a zero. But, in '' The All American Slurp'' , the Lin's daughter thought of herself as a fool but Meg, her friend, made her feel better by saying that no one is perfect.

In conclusion, courage is being afraid but going on anyway. Everyone makes mistakes and some are ashamed of it. Respecting others is one of the most important things in life. A life lesson that I learned is if you are to afraid to do something you won't move on in life.