Changing Is Hard

Rajot P.

Changing Is Hard

            Fitting in is not always so easy to do. The stories,"Abuela Invents the Zero" and "The All American Slurp," are about people who are trying to fit in. That person will have to adapt to the different food, clothing and more things that the new place will offer you and that is what kids have trouble with most often. But keep in mind that no one is perfect, everyone has their flaws. Now, Connie and the Lin daughter will be experiencing these changes.

            First, Courage is being afraid but going on anyways. The story "Abuela Invents the Zero" is about a girl named Connie who is trying to fit in but then one day her grandmother comes to America and all of Connie's efforts are on the brink of going away. Before her visit Connie was just a normal trendy girl. She liked to hang out with her friends and going to the mall. She was also the driver for her friends and family so she was pretty reliable as well. Before she came they had to buy the plane tickets. Connie's dad was also going to buy a coat for Abuela since it was winter but she insisted not too since the ticket cost a lot and it was a waste of money. Abuela also went to Mass (religious ceremony)  and Connie's dad makes her drive. At the Church Connie takes a seat like everyone else but her grandmother kept looking for a "special seat" but the ceremony had already started. Abuela was being disruptive as well so the priest even stopped talking. At the moment Connie was mortified! Since Connie didn't get up and help, a stranger did it. Later Abuela said she felt like a zero, a nothing.

            On the other hand, Nobody is perfect, everyone has their flaws. The story "The All American Slurp" is about how a Chinese family newly moves to America. Then one day they were invited to a party by their American neighbors , The Gleason's. At the party they are newly introduced to the relish tray and buffet. Since they usually have their celery pre-stripped this time they did it themselves but everyone was just gawking at them. At the buffet however, they didn't see any chairs so Mr. Lin just added them himself so everyone was just watching some even chuckled a bit. A couple of days after the family went out to eat dinner at a French restaurant called the Lakeview restaurant. Since they didn't know any of the dishes they first asked for a arbitrary order but then just decided to order soup. This time the Lin daughter was cautious but when her family "slurped" their soup everyone was staring but the Lin daughter was so embarrassed she just ran to the bathroom. After this incident they threw their own part and the Gleason's were invited. Even they had their flaws. One of the adults actually picked up his pea with his hand! Then they Lin's were astonished at the vast amount of food they took and how they stirred it all together. After this the Gleason's daughter even went out with the Lin daughter to get a milkshake but when she drank it the Lin daughter realized American's "slurp" too, everyone does!

            However, Entering a new lifestyle is difficult but without your courage and determination you can't achieve anything. Neither the Lin daughter nor Connie was able to be courageous nor proud of who they are. For example, the Lin daughter wasn't courageous because when the incident at the Lakeview restaurant occurred the Lin daughter didn't have enough courage to actually embrace the fact that she is new to a country instead she just ran out. Now, Connie also didn't have enough courage to help her grandmother. Even though her grandmother should have just sat down she didn't but Connie didn't help. She was just mortified.

            Furthermore, that was my essay of how two families are experiencing changes in their life. The Lin families newly came to this country and are trying their most preeminent efforts to become more like Americans. They are studying the English language and are learning how everything works here from food to clothes! In Connie's case she is living in America trying to fit in but her grandmother almost ruins her chance of being normal. Entering a new lifestyle is hard but with your courage and determination you can achieve anything!