Saggy Pants

Arlett Z.

Should sagging be illegal? People should be able to wear what they want. “ Dressing the way you want is a way of life “ , said a French fashion designer.

Where It All Came From

  Sagging pants began in jail at the 1990s. Inmates in jail weren’t allowed to wear belts because a fear of committing suicide. It was popularized as a “ Hip-Hop culture”. After it was popularized in the hip-hop culture kids , teenagers , and adults started to sag as well. Impressionable kids have picked up on what their favorite artists are doing , and are imitating it.

 In some places they already have banned baggy pants. Now its considered as “ criminals “ says bob barr a Republican.

People Who Sag

People who sag , sag for reasons. Some say its “ fashion” some say it’s a “ criminal look “. I asked students question about why do they sag at 217? . A student named Jefferson had answered “ because it’s a style now a days that people do so why not try it ,  and if you like the way it looks then keep the style. Sagging can be just a fashion , a style that inspires people or they like how it looks on them. Some places are  planning to ban saggy pants. A Hampton police chief Rad Poter had said that “ I felt we needed to do something about this conduct”.

 People Who Don’t Sag

Not everyone sags. In Louisiana they banned “sagging pants”. You can be fined up to $300 , and be placed in the state of prison for up to three years. I asked a student who doesn’t sag a question. I asked a student named tidanie at 217 “ why don’t you sag ? “he replied “ because there is nothing cool about it and there no reason to sag , there is no point everyone sags what’s so cool about having your pants low. In the cite http://socialistworker.org/2013/03/04/the-crime-of-saggy-pants the Alliance of Massachusetts had quote that  wearing your jeans below your waist is a "behavioral health issue in our neighborhoods and communities that must be addressed “. “Sagging pants shouldn’t be a issue if you don’t sag , it’s a style that everyone likes” stated a 7th grader. 

Its Not a Issue


People should be free to wear what they want. “ Everyone should wear what they want and mix it in their own way that’s what is modern” had quoted Karl Lagerfel. Its not a issue it’s a style that people like to wear.