Family Translator

Sadia S.

"Kids are working as parents" Are you under 13 and translate to your parents. 

Debora 11 years old a middle schooler has been   translating to her parents since came to America. Debora says "it is annoying to translate everything to my parents I don't like it at all''. She had to explain every good and bad things said about her on parent teacher conference. Debora said ''it was really embarrassing to tell my good and bad habits to my mom". Kids should not translate to their parents.


First, translating can be very irritating. Debora says “it’s very hard and irritating”. Lica Dorner a 12 year old thinks this too. “I hate translating everything to my parents” says Lica.


Second, there are many things that can go wrong when translating. Kids may lie to their parents. Nasrin a mother does not want that. She says “don’t want my kids lying to me”. She also says ’’ I feel embarrassed that I can’t or understand English properly”. Woody Pseudonym says “it’s no wonder that people were so horrible when they started life as children”. This shows children also have a lot of responsibility.

Facts Hurt

Then translating all the time can have a negative effect on kids. According to www.aacap.arg health expert Manuel De Usario says it effects kids brains. Then according to www.hhcap.org translating all the time makes the kids way of thinking slower. Then according to www.kidshealth.org there are 10% of kids have problems from translating.

In conclusion, there can be many bad effects when kids under 13 translate. There are many things parents can do take that language class. Kids can also help them learn that language.