Ban Energy Drinks

Sadia S.

        Tried energy drinks? They can be very harmful, especially to teens. For example, energy drinks can affect the brains of teens, like stop the brain from functioning. People 22 years or older should be allowed to drink energy drinks.            

         First, energy drinks can affect the brains of teens by giving them a possibility of getting a brain tumor and death. Also, energy drinks can affect the hearts of teens by giving them the possibility of getting numerous kinds of heart disease. Then, it can also make the hearts of teens pump slow and pump the blood slowly. Energy drinks cause 75% of the death of teens. On October 14, 2 teens died from drinking too many energy drinks.               
Also, energy drinks can affect a very important part of teens their teeth. According to the website (
www.webmd.com) it can lead to the possibility of getting damaged enamel. Also, it can increase the risk of getting cavities to teens. Then it can even effect the eyes of teens because teeth and eyes are connected it may give the possibility of getting glaucoma.

         On the other hand, according to the website (www.kidshealth.org), it says that energy drinks help kids to concentrate more on work. Then, energy drinks help teens get energy back at the end of the day. But,  teens should still drink healthier drinks like water or juice.             

          In conclusion, energy drinks should be banned. Energy drinks can be very precarious to teens and to their health. People should write letters to the Department of Health and Hygiene and to the government to ban energy drinks. Teens think twice before picking up that bottle of danger.