The Emperor's New Clothes


The Emperor always cared about how he looked. He was a foolish man.For example the Emperor asked, " how do i look. The courtiers lied to him. He was to foolish to relied on them. On page 18 courtier 1 said," you look fantastic! Love the gold embroider on your robe. Courtier 2 said," of the five outfit you've worn today this is by far the shiniest. The courtiers maybe don't even like his outfit. just want to be friends with the Emperor because he is rich. It dose matter hoe you because you will always be beautiful in the inside


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You only have two spelling

You only have two spelling mistakes but the rest was good. You used good evidence


I like every thing.

I like every thing.

I like every thing.

I like every thing.

I like it

I like it

Berlinski,+Great theme!


+Great theme! Please state your theme at the beginnign of your writing as an introduction.

+Evidence with evidence based terms!

- Please clearly explain how your evidence supports your theme.

Score = 3

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