The emperors new clothes


Their was a emperor who loved his clothes, he would always worry about how he looked.He would always want to look good in front of the courtiers and royal subjects,for example the emperor is always saying how do I look over and over because he wanted to look good in front of the courtiers,and royal subjects.Thenthe emperor was getting ready for an annual something so he needed new clothes.So two tailors heard about the emperor and how much he loved his clothes,so they tried to conne him.On page 18 it said two scoudruels decided to pose as tailors.The tailors went to the palace.Thenthey saw the big guards they asked to see the emperor.Then the posers said they are royal subjects,so the guards let them in.They saw the emperor and talked,and the emperor said yes you may make clothes for me.the tailors said whoever can't see the robe are fools.So the emperor sended one of his royal subjects to check how the tailors were doing, so he went and the tailors said yes we are doing a great job. But one of the emperor's royal subjects didn't see a thing but they pretended they can, never stop saying what you have to say so whatever's on your mind just say it.So the tailors wre done doing nothing,and wanted to show the emperor,and the emperor peers at the robe closely and said it looks fabulouse, and the tailors asked can they put it on him.The emperor said yes you may.The the emperor went to his yard infront of all the people and the people lied to him and said it was beautiful. But the child didn't want to impress the emperor and said he has nothing on.then everyone stated to laugh.The emperor felt like a fool, and he wanted to be a better and wiser emperor,but the posers already left. I thought the emperor should've told the tailors there was nothing there and he didn't have to be scared to say what he had to say.

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