The emperor's new clothes


The emperor needs to stop trusting every single thing. On the story he higherd 2 fake tailors to make clothes for the emperor.  The tailors did'int stop pretending to make clothes. The royal fake tailors left the fabric on the table the royal dresser did'int see the fabric. On the text the tailors said"if you can't see the fabric you are a fool".On page 20 the tailors were done with the clothes. The emperor called his royal subjects to celebrate. The king was'int wearing any clothes. The people were saying "you look great." The child said "he's not wearing any clothes" the child point it out to. The king felt silly of that he said he was going to be wiser.

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I like it very much you have

I like it very much you have stouge words 


You did awsome

You did awsome

I loved your righting very

I loved your righting very much

Ashley+You provided evidence


+You provided evidence and used some evidence based terms


-Please state your theme as a lesson that we, the readers, can learn from the story.

-Your explanation is not clear.

Score - 3

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