The emperor was tricked because he thought everything was about how he looked


       The emperor is obsessed with the way he looks He thouhght that everything was about what he had on. THat is how he  got tricked because he hired pretend tailors .The emporor was so obsessed with how his wardrobe looked that he became foolish and let himself think that the new clothes the tailors  made were real. Then the pretend tailors said that anyone who cant see the clothes are foolish .then everyone except the child said they see the clothes. they said that  because they didn't want to sound like a fool. But the child didn't care about impressing the emperor. He just wanted to tell the truth.Then the pretend tailors stole the emperors gold.That is when the emperor felt  even more foolish. Then he said he would never be obsessed  with his wardrobe again .



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you can use a sorter tittle

you can use a sorter tittle because i feel that your tittle is to big because when i saw it i said why is the tittle so big